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On the street: If Lawrence had a bike-share program, how often would you use it?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 17, 2016

Mary Kate Funk, nurse, Lawrence

Photo of Mary Kate Funk

“Probably seldomly. I don’t bike that often.”

Diana Laird, paraeducator, Lawrence

Photo of Diana Laird

“I think it’s a great idea, but I live in the country, so I wouldn’t use it.”

Lance Fahy, Pinckney Neighborhood communication coordinator, Lawrence

Photo of Lance Fahy

“Personally, rarely, but I would totally support it.”

Indy Garrison, works at The Oread, Lawrence

Photo of Indy Garrison

“Probably a lot. I probably would bike a lot more than walking.”

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Jeff Goodrick

My wife and I use them all the time in Topeka. if we are in town and don't happen to have the bikes with us and want to ride the trails around Topeka and Chattanooga Tenn.

1 year, 11 months ago


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