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On the street: What does the sculpture “Portage” by Dave Root (in the 800 block of Massachusetts Street) look like to you?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 12, 2016

Kelly Schmidt, self-employed, Lawrence

Photo of Kelly Schmidt

“It looks like an alien plant with legs.”

Chris Buckland, teacher, Lawrence

Photo of Chris Buckland

“It looks like a palm tree with feet.”

Alyssa Burket, teacher, Lawrence

Photo of Alyssa Burket

“A taco with feet, with little topping bubbles coming out of it.”

Robert Conard, archaeologist, Lawrence

Photo of Robert Conard

“My first thought is a walking sunflower.”

Janice McLean, archaeologist, Lawrence

Photo of Janice McLean

“Some cartoon character I can’t remember.”


Charles L. Bloss, Jr.

A waste of money.

2 years ago


Paul Geisler

I completely disagree. Life without art, music, and creativity makes for a sad and dreary existence. I'd prefer a bit of joy and whimsy on the streets of Larrytown.

2 years ago


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