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On the street: What’s the farthest you’ve ever biked?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 16, 2016

Maggie Simmons, works at Berry Plastics, Lawrence

Photo of Maggie Simmons

“We were in Colorado Springs and I biked halfway up the mountain. Couldn’t do the whole thing. That’s too extreme for me.”

Styles Canady, student, Lawrence

Photo of Styles Canady

“I’ve biked 10 miles before.”

Justin Haslett, works at Pyramid Pizza, Lawrence

Photo of Justin Haslett

“Six miles.”

Hanna Gentry, bartender, Lawrence

Photo of Hanna Gentry

“At one time, 25 miles.”


Linda and Bill Houghton

Bill did 540 miles on the Bicycle Across Missouri which was a three day ride that was held on Labor Day weekend for several years. His best single day ride was on the Central Double (Triple, etc.) Century. That was a little over 300 miles in a little over 21 hours. Both of these were probably in 1989 when he was a bit younger and in good shape. He is 80 now.

1 year, 10 months ago


Richard Heckler

My wife and I chose to do our honeymoon on bicycles which began in Tulsa and stopped in
California. Never less than 50 miles per day and up to 100 miles somedays. Into this trek my wife developed some knee pain so rather than ruin her knee creativity was sought.

With our bikes loaded down with plenty of gear and nourishment not to mention water and a two person tent we hit a motel for two days as a healing notion. While there we constructed a sign that said Albuquerque, rode our bikes to the interstate then stuck out our thumbs. After turning down a few opportunities the right vehicle aka pick up truck came along with a student behind the wheel on his way back to school in Albuquerque. Was this luck or what .... absolutely.

From Albuquerque we thought train to prevent any new knee pain. Trains had been mentioned from time to time as a friend to cyclists. Bikes were considered as luggage therefore no extra charge - WOW. Then came Los Angeles which has a bit of culture shock but also a bike trail on the ocean that eventually leads to San Diego and Youth Hostels which are also friends of cyclists.

While on the way to San Diego a cyclists who had cycled completely around the USA stopped us to chat. Next thing we know he led us to his Mom's house who fed us dinner and breakfast. Also this woman was a vitamin rep who donated plenty of supplements, on our way out the door, to this excursion.

The point is being away from home with bikes as the primary source of transportation for about 4 months and quite economical at that there is plenty of enjoyment to be had on the road and many new adventures. Bicycles are a wonderful invention.

Would any of the above friendly experiences have happened IF we were honeymooning in a fossil fuel vehicle? This cycling experience required far more time than we had estimated.

1 year, 10 months ago


Tony Peterson

Biked from Lawrence to Eudora and back on 15th Street once. Started out just being a ride to nowhere in particular then saw Eudora in the distance and it became the destination.

1 year, 10 months ago


Hudson Luce

Compared to 300 miles in 21 hours this is nothing, but back years ago I did a double century ride, 200 miles in two days. First day rode alone, did the first 100 miles in 5 hours 30 minutes, coming back the next day, got with a group of riders about 20 miles out and did that 100 miles in 4 hours 15 minutes - that was a fast group.

1 year, 10 months ago


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