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On the street: What’s one thing you’ve done to benefit a cause or charity?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 10, 2016

Mike Law, account representative, Lawrence

Photo of Mike Law

“I sold bread for the homeless shelter.”

Julia Leth-Perez, law student, Lawrence

Photo of Julia Leth-Perez

“I volunteer time for the Willow Domestic Violence Center. It’s a great cause.”

Cole Becker, musician, Oakland, Calif.

Photo of Cole Becker

“I donated to the family of (St. Paul, Minn., police shooting victim) Philando Castile.”

Jeff Schroeder, chiropractor, Lawrence

Photo of Jeff Schroeder

“We had promotions at our office to raise money for Just Food.”


Scott Callahan

I enlighten people every day of the amazing opportunities to be found with Amway.

1 year, 10 months ago


Ralph Gage

Been a board member? Served your church or organization? Given money or time?

1 year, 10 months ago


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