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On the street: Have your Memorial Day plans changed because of increased gas prices?

Asked at New Hampshire Street on May 29, 2004

Karen Miller, para-educator, Perry-Lecompton High School, Perry

Photo of Karen Miller

“Yes, they have. We were going to Texas for Memorial Day and now we’re staying at Perry Lake instead.”

Lauren Roads, bookseller, Lawrence

Photo of Lauren Roads

“We were going to go to Colorado for five days and two cars would have gone. Now, it’s three days and one car so we can all split the gas costs and keep them down.”

Judi McCollum, Allen Press publication manager, Tonganoxie

Photo of Judi McCollum

“No. We have several close friends and family who have been killed by drunk drivers. We call it amateur weekend, so we will have a nice, quiet weekend at home.”

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