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On the street: Should Lawrence cut money to repair brick roads out of next year’s budget?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 19, 2004

Nick Rhodes, artist, Lawrence

Photo of Nick Rhodes

“I’ve noticed some of them are pretty bad, and it’s nice to have the brick streets. They give a nice atmosphere”

Andy Conboy, KU junior, Lawrence

Photo of Andy Conboy

“Based upon mill levy, certain neighborhoods should be renewed. Most importantly, preserve the historic part of Lawrence that was settled by the New England Emigrant Aid Society.”

Shea Reinke, tech support phone agent, Lawrence

Photo of Shea Reinke

“No. I think brick roads are better than speed bumps at keeping speed down in residential neighborhoods.”

Arpana Nanji, graphics company employee, Lawrence

Photo of Arpana Nanji

“The brick roads are kind of nice, but when you drive on them it sucks. I guess they add to the town, though.”

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