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On the street: What is the biggest problem facing schools nationally right now?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 18, 2004

Tim Nauman, nuclear physicist, Lawrence

Photo of Tim Nauman

“They need to pay teachers more. I also want to find a way where someone who’s been in a profession for 20 years can come back and teach it. But they’re not doing that for $40,000 a year.”

Abby Kipling, KU senior, Wayzata, Minn.

Photo of Abby Kipling

“Public funding. Teachers are underpaid.”

Rob Mountjoy, musician/caregiver, Lawrence

Photo of Rob Mountjoy

“The violence, the drugs and dealing with safety in the inner-city”

Ken Beckman, business owner, Kansas City, Kan.

Photo of Ken Beckman

“That Brown v. Board was never realized.”

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