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On the street: What grade would you give Kansas lawmakers on their handling of the school-finance issue?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 11, 2004

Amber Shultz, Kansas Geological Survey employee, Lawrence

Photo of Amber Shultz

A ‘D.’ They just kind of dropped the ball.””

Julia Castellucci, Kansas University freshman, Lawrence

Photo of Julia Castellucci

I appreciate that they didn’t just jump the gun to get it out of the way. They should take their time.””

Monty Amick, Reuter Organ Co. employee, Lawrence

Photo of Monty Amick

I give them an ‘F.’ There’s no excuse for not completely funding all schools.””

Lacy Larimer, registered nurse, Lawrence

Photo of Lacy Larimer

‘D.’ They’re always cutting school funding, and it’s not enough. Children are our future.””

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