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On the street: Should Lawrence have a districtwide sports complex for both high schools to use during home games?

Asked at South Park on May 4, 2004

Travis Robinson, warehouse employee, Lawrence

Photo of Travis Robinson

“Yeah. Olathe has one, and it seems to work for them. It would save the district money in the long run.”

Stephanie Barrows, KU graduate student, Lawrence

Photo of Stephanie Barrows

“Where are they going to build it? It seems like the people with the least amount of money and power always have to pay. They need to figure out where to build it and make it more egalitarian.”

Roy Williams, Wescoe Terrace employee, Lawrence

Photo of Roy Williams

“I think it’s a good idea. When there was only one high school the concern was that splitting the schools would create a rivalry. If they had a place to play together, maybe it wouldn’t split the town up.”

Rob Gillaspie, writer, Lawrence

Photo of Rob Gillaspie

“I think there’s too much sports going on in this town. They should put that money into keeping schools open and filling potholes.”

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