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Lawrence police finish investigation into Topeka police shooting death, send it to DA; officers’ names still withheld

The investigation into the police-shooting death of a Topeka man is on its way to the Shawnee County district attorney, with the involved officers' names still not disclosed.

The Lawrence Police Department announced Wednesday afternoon that it had completed its investigation into the Sept. 28 officer-involved shooting that occurred near the 300 block of SE Lawrence Street in Topeka. Dominique White, 30, of Topeka, was killed in the incident.

According to the department’s news release, Lawrence police have forwarded their investigation to the Shawnee County DA’s office for review.

The city of Topeka confirmed that, also in a news release Wednesday afternoon.

“The City of Topeka has been notified that the Lawrence Police Department has completed the investigation into the shooting of Dominique White and presented the case to District Attorney Mike Kagay earlier today,” the city’s statement said. “The names of the officers will not be released while the case is under review by the District Attorney. Any additional questions should be directed to the District Attorney’s office.”

As an outside agency, Lawrence police investigated the incident on behalf of the Topeka police department.

The Topeka police department said in a news release after the shooting that the officers shot White in a park when he was trying to flee and reached for a pocket containing a handgun.

The Topeka Capital-Journal has reported that White's death certificate said he died from gunshot wounds to his back.

Despite protests from White's relatives and Lawrence and Topeka activists, Lawrence police have declined to share details about the incident, saying doing so would interfere with their ongoing investigation.

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Thomas Lessman

I won't hold my breath waiting for justice to come from DA Kagay's office. Mike Kagay has proven himself to be yet another puppet mouthpiece for the status quo around Topeka, looking out for his own interests and the local elite first. I'm willing to bet that he's going to put more effort into covering up Dominique's murder, or if he knows people are watching him closely, then at least letting his murderers get punished as ridiculously lenient as possible.

4 months, 3 weeks ago


Jim Phillips

Well, there's no reason for Topeka/Shawnee County to even have a trial now! Thomas already has the officer(s) convicted! Um, you do know that so far, everything has been done as Standard Operating Procedure, right? The case was sent to the DA for review to see if any charges are warranted. It doesn't mean there will be, it doesn't mean there won't be.

4 months, 3 weeks ago


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