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    Rating: 5

    Eric51924/7 Locksmith

    I got locked out of my apartment at 8:45 pm and naturally needed to get in. The locksmith came within 15 minutes of me calling and had the door open within minutes. He was very friendly, professional, and good at his job. It was also very cheap. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

    July 27, 2015 | Flag this review

    Rating: 5

    Jennifer Osborn24/7 Locksmith

    This is the second time that I had to call a locksmith, and the second time I specifically called Jon at 24/7. The first time I called three other companies and was treated rudely, along with the prices being ridiculously high. Jon was polite, friendly, quoted me a reasonable rate, and arrived quickly, within 15 minutes. The second time I needed locksmith services I knew exactly who to call and I had the same experience. Friendly, fast, and even took the time to wipe up some dust that the tool left behind. I cannot recommend 24/7 enough. Calling a locksmith is never something anyone wants to do, but this company turns the call into a much more pleasant experience than one would think.

    July 14, 2015 | Flag this review

    Rating: 5

    danielle_towle24/7 Locksmith

    Well I would have to say that 24/7 Locksmith was the most friendly company that I have dealed with. I called all the other locksmith and they were rude or would not work with me and they were WAY to much to just unlock a door. I called 24/7 locksmith and they were at my car within 20 minutes. Jon was really friendly and sweet and he seem to know what he was doing... I would recommenced 24/7 to anyone to help unlock there cars. I would say that my overall experience would be 10/10 and i would call them again if my keys would get lock out. Thank you Jon for unlocking my car door

    September 23, 2013 | Flag this review

    Rating: 5

    Sarah Wallace24/7 Locksmith

    Jon is a wonderful person! I called him this morning when we found out that a couple keys for our nonprofit had gone astray and he showed up this afternoon and donated his service to re-key our locks. Not only was he extremely generous but he was friendly and accommodating to our clients and volunteers. I highly recommend him.

    July 10, 2013 | Flag this review

    Rating: 5

    Mordak24/7 Locksmith

    I locked my keys in my car and called 24/7 Locksmith and explained my situation. He was glad to help and quickly came to offer me assistance. He proceeded to quickly, but not hastily, unlock my car (took literally 2 minutes). He took great care to not harm any part of the car as well. The locksmith was very friendly, polite, and understanding (very professional). All in all, great service for great price!

    March 30, 2013 | Flag this review

    Rating: 1

    alumnus24/7 Locksmith

    I called about 8:25pm and talked to him about my keys being locked in my car. He told me the fee and that he could be by in 15-25 minutes and would call me when he was here. An hour and a half went by and I didn't get a call. I tried to call him to see if he was still coming and he sent my call to voice mail after a few rings.

    November 9, 2012 | Flag this review

    Rating: 5

    Jason Randall24/7 Locksmith

    I had an issue where my keys were locked in my trunk and needed a locksmith to come help me out. I called 24/7 Locksmith and less than 10 minutes later he showed up and helped me get my keys back. The person who helped me was very friendly and kind and knew what he was doing. Very polite and talkative too which seems to be hard to find sometimes when its cold and late at night, but he seemed very happy to help out. Price was very good and lower than previous experiences with other locksmiths. My overall experience was definitely a 10/10. Would recommend 24/7 Locksmith to anyone needed some help getting their car unlocked and back on the road. -Jason

    February 1, 2012 | Flag this review

    Rating: 5

    stufz24/7 Locksmith

    Excellent & timely service - even in the middle of the night ! Young guy getting a start and he's eager to help - no hidden fees or low advertised rates to pull you in when you're in need of locksmithing. Just the real deal - job done !

    November 4, 2011 | Flag this review

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