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    Rating: 3

    Skandahoovian12659A 1 Self Storage & Truck Rental

    They have usually been pretty good, they even started to upgrade the facility.
    Unfortunately, 2 men decided they were going to live in one of units. They have been living there since before Thanksgiving. Quite a few of us renters have complained to management, but nothing is being done.
    Not only is this illegal, but it is a fire hazard and dangerous to the rest of us who have units there. There is junk, trash, and a broken down vehicle parked outside Building 8, Unit #85. They even run an extension cord for electricity after management leaves.
    At this time of year there aren't any other storage facility's with open units in Lawrence because of the university.

    December 15, 2017 | Flag this review

    Rating: 1

    Jon FeistA 1 Self Storage & Truck Rental

    These people are either incompetent or they are thieves, either way save your money. If you want security, let me say that I had a lock cut off a locker and had my items stolen and scatted around the UNLOCKED hallway. These people's solution was to put their own lock on and wait until I noticed. That was after they pretended to not receive a payment of mine just so they could charge me late fees. Plus, their posted hours are a joke. There is never anyone in that office. Hate doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about these hillbilly pieces of trash.

    February 17, 2017 | Flag this review

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