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Rating: 5

dannyuPaul Davis Restoration

My experience with PDR was very positive.
I had to renovate the whole house (total loss) after a fire.
Given the size of the project and that tenants, insurance companies, contractors and subcontractors were involved, I adjusted my expectations in terms of staying on schedule and PDR certainly lived up to them.
Jeff Goldman, Owner, explained to me the entire process in the early stages, answered with details every question and promised only things that he could hold.
He also worked closely with the insurance company adjuster about assessing the damage, something I greatly appreciated.
Pam Aversano, cotents division manager, and her team did a very professional work with cleaning and taking care of the house content and moving it out. Pam was very supportive and responded to every request. She managed this complex and emotional process exceptionally.
John Bannister was the project manager. He did an amazing job. He was in constant contact with me, updating about the progress of the project, suggested ideas for the renovation that I have not thought of and find the places to save me money. He made every effort to complete all phases in time, had the patience for every question and always fit his schedule to mine. John made sure to complete everything in accordance with my request and to my complete satisfaction. His knowledge, experience and personality have contributed a lot to the success of the project and it was great to work with him.
Bottom line – The results are better than expected and I’ll call PDR again and recommend them without hesitation!

March 30, 2016 | Flag this review

Rating: 5

cherivarvilPaul Davis Restoration

We had a fire in our house in early January last year. Our first meeting with PDR's representative, John Bannister, who became out project manager was after we called the company on the recommendation of a friend. He met with us in a timely way and was very clear with us about our options. Our restoration was delayed slightly because two insurance companies were involved and both had to be allowed to do an inspection; but in the meantime PDR did a very quick job of guiding us through sorting our things as they packed them for us, and of sealing the hole in the ceiling and getting our electicitiy back on so that everything didn't freeze in the extremely cold temperatures. They took some of our clothing and washed it for us the very first day so we had things to wear. Though only part of our house was damaged by the fire and water, almost everything had to be removed and cleaned because of smoke. Our project manager as well as the contents manager were very knowledgeable about insurance and were very much concerned with doing things in a professional and honest manner. They communicated lots with by phone and text and email and were very supportive and concerned that we get a fair deal, even advocating with the insurance company to make sure that we were able to replace certain items when they turned out to be more damaged than the original inspection indicated. Everyone we came in contact with from the company was helpful and responsive, always consulting us when obstacles arose. The restoration took about the time that was "guestimated" in the beginning and was all done in a professional manner with explanations for any delays as they came up. I was very impressed with our project manager's knowledge of construction professionals in the community his ability to find appropriate people to work in our home.We were happy with our results and feel our house is better than ever. While we hope we never have to, I would call Paul Davis Restoration again.

March 9, 2016 | Flag this review

Rating: 1

Rachael SudlowPaul Davis Restoration

I was so unimpressed with this company. We had a fire that gutted a rental house. Their representatives showed up WHILE THE HOUSE WAS BURNING. Out of our desire to get the house back to normal ASAP, we decided to hire out this company. They did excavate out the house quickly- within a week or two, it was down to the studs. After that...nothing, for months. It was like pulling teeth to get anything done. We were lied to about dates, made false promises and left with huge uncertainties. Deadlines passed and 3 months after they'd originally estimated the job would be completed, they did. This was a simple, <1000sqft house.
Furthermore, their contractors left a LOT to be desired. I've done house renovations & know the processes...they put up walls, put on trim, THEN did a rough paint job. They tried to reuse the burned, damaged HVAC, saying "well just clean it up", despite the insurance company saying they were paying for a new system. With enough phone calls, we got a new HVAC, despite their shady contractors.

Ultimately, 8 Months after the original fire, our house was done, and looks fine. I fully believe that if it had been our own personal house, not a rental, they would have been quicker. They put our job on the backburner to focus on other jobs, leaving our house untouched for weeks at a time. This left an angry customer and I certainly will not recommend them.

March 2, 2016 | Flag this review

Rating: 1

AsakeroydPaul Davis Restoration

People comment about how fast this company was able to get them scheduled. The reason is that they don't have any business. The before and after pictures are a joke. If you're going to hire a carpet cleaning company? Use a company that has more than 1 truck. That has won best of Lubbock or that has come in second place. The comment about items being stolen is something I've heard before. The truth is. This guy who owns Paul Davis is a one trick pony. Beware!!!!

September 13, 2015 | Flag this review

Rating: 5

CampusCourtPaul Davis Restoration

We have utilized Paul Davis Restoration at our property for several years now. They are more than accommodating with last minute carpet cleaning appointments and we have never been disappointed by their level of service or professionalism. During the annual rental turn, they work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines to ensure our apartments are ready for new tenants. We would strongly recommend Paul Davis Restoration for anyone with carpet cleaning, remodeling or restoration needs.

April 18, 2012 | Flag this review

Rating: 5

GrandManagementPaul Davis Restoration

Our company has used Paul Davis Restoration for years. Very accomodating on rental turnovers - most times at last minute. Would HIGHLY recommend.

April 18, 2012 | Flag this review

Rating: 1

ddeckertPaul Davis Restoration

I needed a [carpet cleaning company][1] in Lawrence, KS & heard Paul Davis Restoration was a reputable company. However, after the experience I had, I will never recommend them. Items had been stolen from my townhouse after the cleaning and restoration crew had completed their work. When I confronted [Paul Davis Restoration][2] and filed a [police report][3], they said they had no control of who had access to my residence. However, I personally gave them a key to use for the 3 hours of cleaning. The key was returned to me and I was told that the stolen items were not their responsibility?! When a laptop computer, tools, etc get [stolen][4] and the replacement costs = more than $2,000, the company needs to reassess their crews and the personel they use. Never use Paul Davis Restoration for any Lawrence, [Topeka][5], or [Kansas City][6] [carpet cleaning][7], remodeling, restoration or contracting. If there is any issue at all, they will place blame on the consumer. The ethical standard this company dipped down to is ridiculous and would have never been expected from such a business in the [Lawrence, KS][8] community. I'm ashamed and disappointed to say the least...


October 15, 2011 | Flag this review

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