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Intro to Permaculture Workshop

Saturday, March 26, 2016, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Intro to Permaculture Workshop at Lawrence Public Library, Saturday 3/26 9-4:30pm

Enrollment: 5-20 people

Fee: $50 per person or $25 per person for PermaCommons Members

Instruction and tour provided by, Laura Odell, a Certified Permaculture Designer, Kansas Licensed Instructor and Education Coordinator for Kansas Permaculture Institute.

***This workshop is offered every Spring to the entire community so that anyone can come and learn about sustainability practices as they relate to small scale food production in our region.

The PermaCommons garden will be featured as a primary example of many sustainable practices. PermaCommons, at 1304 Pennsylvania St is an East Lawrence community garden resource for education and local food production. It is unique in the fact that each member works in cooperation as a team to care for the whole site instead of having individual plots.

There are several varieties of fruit producing plants grown together with annual and perennial vegetables, herbs and flowers.

We have 1500 gallons of rain water catchments and create our

 compost onsite.

Most importantly, we have a GREAT time! The most valuable part of this project is the people who show up, work together, learn together and play together to create a beautiful, productive and healthy growing space that offers so much more than delicious, fresh food.

The Introduction to Permaculture workshop is an ideal way for you to get a taste of the sustainability education we provide in our 72 hour Permaculture Design Course.

This one-day workshop will cover the essentials in the creation of urban-scale permaculture systems. It will include an introduction to permaculture design, garden soil and bed preparation, and group discussion of permaculture applications, resources, and community participation.

***To register, please contact, Laura Odell, or #785-979-8838. Payment must be received by Wednesday 3/23 to reserve your space.

***If you are interested in becoming a PermaCommons Member, please contact, Anna McCoy at #785-917-0160.

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