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Couples announcements March 26, 2016



Flournoy and Longino

Chris Longino and Kelley Flournoy will be married in April of 2016. Chris is the son of Linda and Bob Long­ino of Lawrence. Kel­ley is the daughter of Charlie Flournoy and Sharon Chase of Gainesville, Florida. The groom to be is a 2002 graduate of Free State High School and a 2006 graduate of the University of Kansas. Chris received his mas­ters degree in crimino­logy from the University of Southern Florida. He currently lives in Tampa, Florida and works for the Na­tional Insurance Crime Bureau as an analyst. The bride to be gradu­ated in 2003 from PK Young High School in Gainesville, Florida. She attended the Uni­versity of Florida and received a law degree from Stetson Uni­versity. Currently she works for the state of Florida as a Guardian Ad Litem. They will be married in Gainesville.

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