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Couples announcements August 27, 2016




E.R. "Bob" and Dar­ lene (Hanks) Slapar will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary on August 28, 2016. Bob and Darlene were married on August 28, 1951, in Pittsburg, Kan­ sas, where they met while attending college. They have two daugh­ ters, Linda Lowdermilk and Jana Callaway, three grandchildren and four great­grand­ children. They have lived in Eudora, Kansas, since 1953. Darlene re­ tired from teaching home economics for 37 years at Eudora High School and Bob retired from Farmland Indus­ tries in Lawrence, Kan­ sas, after 38 years. A family celebration is planned to commemor­ ate this milestone. Cards may be sent to PO Box 31, Eudora, KS, 66025.

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