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Births for July 2015


Saturday, July 25

  • Kyla Schneider and James Griffin, Lawrence, a boy.

Thursday, July 30

  • Heather and Michael Rossi, Perry, a girl.
  • Jinnine and William Miller, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, July 29

  • Aaron McClung and Abby Bird, Eudora, a boy.
  • Brett and Sarah Anderton, Lawrence , a girl.
  • Caitlin and Robert Reed, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, July 28

  • Hanna and Albert Moews, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Curtis and Jessica Wood, Lawrence, a girl.

Monday, July 27

  • Elizabeth and Adam Hiatt, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Brian and Jamie Davis, Tonganoxie, a girl.

Friday, July 24

  • Hongyi Cai and Dongmiao Wang, Lawrence, a boy.

Thursday, July 23

  • Katherine Stilley, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Cody and Dara Wilson, Baldwin City, a boy.
  • Robert Hall and Chelsey Bowers, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Austin James Schmidt, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, July 21

  • Kevin Dobson and Kristin Hines, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Sarah Secondine and Morgan Schreiner, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, July 22

  • Erin Subelka and Chad Hodges, Oskaloosa, a girl.

Tuesday, July 21

  • Kelly Eiberger, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Caitlin Brewster and Terry Bridges, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Chris and Stephanie Koehler, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, July 20

  • Michael and Kyleigh Howell, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, July 14

  • Shu Yan Ng and Kok Onn Toti, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, July 13

  • Micah Wilson and Anthony Vidali, Lawrence, a boy.

Tuesday, July 14

  • Alexis and Eric Templeton, Eudora, a boy.
  • Lindsey Brown and Kyle Austin, Ottawa, a boy.

Monday, July 13

  • Cristin and David Adamson, Tonganoxie, a girl.
  • Ashlee Calfy and Kyle Schuler, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jonathan Heffner and Ashlie Christianson, Lawrence, a girl.

Sunday, July 12

  • Betsaida Lopez and Roberto Ayala, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Tabitha and David Ethington, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jeff and Jamie Swartz, Lawrence, a boy.

Saturday, July 11

  • Devin Stone and Dustin Smith, DeSoto, a boy.

Friday, July 10

  • Brenna Koelling and Anthony Purdum, Lawrence, a boy.
  • April Reynolds and Travis Toms, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Brittany Groenhagen and William Cheek, McClouth, a boy.

Wednesday, July 8

  • Nicole Freeman and Darus Michael Dixon, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Abdullah and Noor Alhathal, Lawrence, a boy.

Friday, July 3

  • Robert and Madison LaDuron, Lawrence, a girl.

Thursday, July 2

  • Lacey Kay and Zachary James Raff, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Amanda Larabee and Tyrone Edwards, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jennifer and Stephen Christensen, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Tracy and Joel Broxterman, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Trenton and Esther Reavis, Baldwin City, a boy.

Wednesday, July 1

  • Lynn and Pascal Deboeck, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Marc and Laura Ruiz, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Nathan and Haley Ward, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jason and McKenzie Beattie, Lecompton, a girl.

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