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Births for November 2013


Saturday, November 30

Wednesday, November 27

  • Aaron and Kari Napier, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Kellie and Justin Osburn, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, November 26

  • Josh and Jessica Gurney, Eudora, a girl.

Monday, November 25

  • Josh and Stephanie Bowen, Tonganoxie, a boy.
  • Joe and Danielle Sharpe, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Lauren and Scott McGreevy, Lawrence, a girl.

Saturday, November 23

Thursday, November 21

Friday, November 22

Thursday, November 21

  • Chance and Megan Smith, Lecompton, a boy. Delivered at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.
  • Michael and Melissa Ingalls, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Neil and Sarah Oatsvall, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Raelei Gillespie and Rylan Thornton, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, November 20

  • Steve and Susan Harvey, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Fernando and Celeste Yaluk, Lawrence, a boy.
  • nathan and Sarah Billings, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Sarah Schau and Wes Richardson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Matthew and Katherine Caughey, Eudora, a girl.

Tuesday, November 19

  • Michael and Kelly Rowland, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Chris and Ashley Howard, Lawrence, a girl.

Monday, November 18

  • Wanbo Liu and Luxi Chai, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Nakia Kelly, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Ashley Hays, Ottawa, a girl.
  • Chad and Jessica Vande Velde, Lawrence, a girl.

Sunday, November 17

  • Kayla Hermann and Brian Ginyard, Sr., Lawrence, a girl.
  • Sayanti Gangaly Puckett and Caleb Puckett, Ottawa, a boy.

Saturday, November 16

Thursday, November 14

Friday, November 15

Wednesday, November 13

  • Alexis Moore and Joshua Runnels, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Lorena Castillo and Luis DelaRosa, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Buffy Woodardand Quintin Williams, Lawrence, a boy.

Tuesday, November 12

  • Jason and Amanda Kramer, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Blake and Jayme Savage, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Channing and Ezekiel Thompson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Nathan and Jessica Worley, Baldwin City, a girl.
  • Caleb and Dana mavity, Ottawa, a girl.
  • Mike and Lauren Cobb, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, November 11

  • Alexa Moreno and Darrell Stallings, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Rebecca and Will Dunn, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Ashley Jones and Curtis Cavender, Ottawa, a boy.

Friday, November 8

Thursday, November 7

  • Dashiell and Brianna Scott, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jake and Michelle Plegge, Eudora, a boy.
  • Bader and Reem Alsamiri, Lawrence, a girl.

Monday, November 4

  • Keith and Melissa Van Horn, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Elizabeth Schraad and Matthew Abel, Lawrence, a boy.

Saturday, November 2

  • Stephanie McClure and Lasker Nez, Lawrence, a girl.

Sunday, November 3

  • Carmen Cooper and Aaron Albertly, Lawrence, a girl.

Friday, November 1

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