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Births for November 2012


Thursday, November 29

  • Jaimes and Lauren Perez, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Krystal McCracken and David Mills, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Brandon and Angela Brown, Oskaloosa, a girl.
  • Levi and Brenna Stebbins Quick, Overbrook, a boy.

Wednesday, November 28

  • Corrie McSwane and Brian Bender, Waverly, a boy.

Saturday, November 24

  • Brian and Sariah Judy, Baldwin City, a boy.
  • Michelle Dennison and Matt Hammes, Ottawa, a girl.

Friday, November 23

  • Lonnie and Julie Edgecomb, Garnett, a boy.
  • Sierra Conrad and Kevin Barber, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, November 28

  • Susan Rickman and Rob Heidrick, Lone Star,, a boy.
  • Charlotte Sommer, Baldwin City, a boy.

Monday, November 26

  • Michael Noble and Monica Mohler, Winchester, a girl.

Saturday, November 24

  • Miriam Torkzadeh and Jeremy Hansen, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, November 21

Monday, November 19

Tuesday, November 20

Monday, November 19

Sunday, November 18

Thursday, November 15

Wednesday, November 14

Monday, November 12

Saturday, November 10

  • Lindsey and Dale Sleeper, Lawrence, a boy. Delivered at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.
  • Chad and Charissa Robertson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Lindsay and Jason Hamm, Lawrence, a boy.

Friday, November 9

  • Amber Jaimez and Nolan Jones, Lawrence, a girl.

Saturday, November 10

  • Scott and Candy Helms, Lawrence, a girl.

Friday, November 9

  • Mary Edington, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Alicia Willow and Keavin Anderson, Lawrence, a boy.

Thursday, November 8

Wednesday, November 7

  • Megan and Wesley Peck, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, November 5

Saturday, November 3

  • George Schmoe Jr. and Jessica Davis, Lawrence, a boy. Delivered at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.
  • David Elmer and Kristin Jones, Lawrence, a girl.

Thursday, November 1

Friday, November 2

Thursday, November 1

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