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Births for March 2005


Wednesday, March 30

  • Nicole Jamison and George Haff III, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Mike and Tashina Case, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Mike and Tashina Case, Lawrence, a boy.

Thursday, March 31

  • Charolette Doleman, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Shawn and Lisa Crettol, Baldwin, a boy.
  • Eric and Rebecca Wagner, Baldwin, a boy.
  • Sharon Robinson, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Chris Chaguinian and Soline D'Haussy, Lawrence, a girl.

Monday, March 28

  • Kimberly Condon, Baldwin, a girl.

Tuesday, March 29

  • Cassie Evans and Rojelio Roman, Topeka, a girl.
  • Ron and Sherri Fowler, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, March 28

  • Kevin and Kendalle Marmon, Garnett, a girl.
  • Aaron and Tanya Tingle, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Chad and Hilary Hamilton, Lawrence, a boy.

Friday, March 25

  • Eric and Andrea Rauscher, Eudora, a boy.

Sunday, March 27

  • Chris and Maria Polonchek, Lawrence, twin boys.
  • Felicia and Travis Bowlin, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jason and Jenny Lichte, Baldwin, a girl.

Saturday, March 26

  • Stan and Young Barnette, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Adam and Chrystal Hunter, Lawrence, a boy.

Thursday, March 24

  • Troy and Sandi Sievert, Ottawa, a girl.
  • Angela Gregory, McLouth, a girl.
  • Daniel Parrish and Kendra Lewis, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Brian and Angel King, Oskaloosa, a girl.

Wednesday, March 23

  • Shyann Coffey and Justin Miracle, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Robert and Nicole Carroll, Lawrence, a boy.

Tuesday, March 22

  • Daniel Provancial and Davona Blackhorse, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jonathan Hibbs and Alana Clayton, Wellsville, a girl.
  • Aaron and Marci Flory, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Armando Jimenez and Sarah Mendoza Jimenez, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Xiaofeng Zhang and Hongguo Xu, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, March 21

  • Michelle and Craig Thurber, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Donell and Nena Caro, Lawrence, a girl.

Friday, March 18

  • Jamie and Jason Harris, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Ragenia Short and Clint Walker, Eudora, a boy.
  • J.D. and Stacey Dressler, Baldwin, a girl.
  • Kylee and Aaron Miller, Lawrence, a girl.

Thursday, March 17

  • Michael and Sarah Stalker, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Syed Farhat and Sabah Ansar, Lawrence, twin boys.
  • David and Shanna Smith, Ottawa, a boy.

Tuesday, March 15

  • Allison and Shane Lopez, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Monica Biggerstaff and Hugh Wilson III, Topeka, a girl.
  • Vanessa Coffey and Reb Parker, Lawrence, a girl.

Monday, March 14

  • Michael De Leo and Jennifer Pine, Lawrence, a boy.

Sunday, March 13

  • James Patrick and Peggy Alters, Topeka, a boy.

Saturday, March 12

  • Michael and Jani Johnson, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jamie Kuhnert and Arlo Richmond, Lawrence and Wichita, a girl.

Thursday, March 10

  • Richard and Sherri Proffitt, Eudora, a girl.
  • Aaron and Natalie Ball, Tonganoxie, a boy.

Friday, March 11

  • Timothy and Melissa Bateman, Oskaloosa, a boy.
  • Holly Dungans and Randy Wall Jr., Bonner Springs, a boy.
  • Andrea and Chistopher Greenhoot, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, March 9

  • J.J. and Chad Murphy, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Eric C. and Brandi L. Breithaupt, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, March 8

  • Rebecca Wagand and Jose Lopez, Ottawa, a girl.
  • Mike and Stacy Hensiek, McLouth, a boy.
  • Cody and Lyndsie Snook, Ottawa, a boy.

Wednesday, March 9

  • Debbie and Sid Ziegler, Lawrence, a boy.

Sunday, March 6

  • Barbara and Warren Burket, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Andy and Debbie Brucker, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, March 7

  • Stephanie and Scott Unekis, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Melissa Hardy, Lawrence, a girl.

Saturday, March 5

  • Daniel and Brooke Waters, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Caitlin Prochaska and Fabian Owens, Pomona, a boy.

Friday, March 4

  • Michael Wolford and Jacqueline Clemons, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Johnny and Stacey Weil, Edna, a boy.

Thursday, March 3

  • Audrey Tullis, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, March 2

  • Brandon and Paula Griffith, Waverly, a girl.
  • Michael and Laurie Costlow, Overbrook, a boy.
  • Ke-Ita Reid, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Sarah and Michael Balding, Lecompton, a boy.

Tuesday, March 1

  • Mike and Karen Grossner, Baldwin, a boy.
  • Travis and Rachel Ussery, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jonathan Brown and Debilene Pacheco, Tecumseh, a girl.

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