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Births for May 2001


Thursday, May 31

  • Tang and Virginia Nguyen, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, May 30

  • Lisa Ball and Mike Grose, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Sangeeta and Dinesh Joshi, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, May 29

  • Christina McGlade, Oskaloosa, a boy.
  • Sarah and Trent McKinley, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, May 30

  • Carrie Mann, Atchison, a girl.

Monday, May 28

  • Mary O'Connell and Steve Hill, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Doug and Esther Schwinn, Oskaloosa, a boy.
  • Cathy and David Slade, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Lisa Spears-Gibler and Mike Gibler, Lawrence, a boy.

Tuesday, May 29

  • Brian and Ashley Kingsley, Lawrence, a boy.

Friday, May 25

  • Jolynn Albertson-Sears and Joseph V. Sears III, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, May 21

  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Walton, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Max and Cathy Cordova, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Paula Shaver and Jack Shane, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary McAlister, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jim and Suzanne Scales, Lawrence, a girl.

Friday, May 18

  • Ronald Hartpence Jr. and Victoria Glover, Ottawa, a girl.
  • Brent and Lynell Lathrom, Lawrence, a girl.

Monday, May 14

  • Misty Brown, Lawrence, twin boys.

Thursday, May 17

  • Jolee Dubray and Ronnell Jackson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Osvaldo Aguitar and Laura Rosales, Lawrence, twin boys.
  • Scott and Stacy Stidham, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, May 16

  • Verner L. Newman IV and Laura M. Rodak, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Anthony and Susan Raulsten, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, May 15

  • Courtney and Jamie Johnson, Overbrook, a girl.
  • Tim Manning and Lori Hanson, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, May 16

  • Christine Tyree and Anthony Kennon, Baldwin, a girl.

Monday, May 14

  • Westley Walker and Courtney Fisher, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Joe and April Stewart, Garnett, a girl.

Thursday, May 10

  • John and Margie Wilson, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Ruth and Justin Hawkins, Baldwin, a boy.

Tuesday, May 8

  • Tim Backun and Paige Harrison, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, May 7

  • Linda Rousselo and George Walker, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Alan and Brandis Carlton, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Bruce and Stephanie Lister, Lawrence, a boy.

Friday, May 4

  • Doug and Beth McIntyre, Lawrence, a boy.

Saturday, May 5

  • Kevin and Amy Miller, Eudora, a girl.

Friday, May 4

  • Marsha Stewart and Schuyler Westpal, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jennifer Davis and Chris Washburn, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Danielle and Scott Allen Miller, Lawrence, a girl.

Thursday, May 3

  • Marlyn and Laurie Ziegler, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Lindy and Robert Morgan, Overbrook, a girl.
  • Angie R. Barnhardt, Winchester, a boy.
  • Alana Clayton and Aaron Johnson, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, May 2

  • Amanda and Jim Baldwin, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Mike and Kristin Mallory, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Anthony and Susan Kiosow, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Kristina Marshall and Mark Shepherd, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jackie Williamson and Tracy Thomas, Eudora, a girl.

Tuesday, May 1

  • Mr. and Mrs. James Volkner, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jason and Chenage Sutton, Lawrence, a boy.

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